Let's talk Jesus.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our lives are full of issues that are the result of sin's dominion in our lives. If you think that sin does not have dominance then consider the scripture "Lust when it is conceived brings forth sin and sin when it is finished brings forth death". Do you know or know of anyone that is not subject to death? Considering population statistics it would seem that even those considered very pious don't gain much over those considered hardened sinners. I'm not suggesting casting off all restraint to eat, drink, and be merry. I'm only suggesting that all humans are far off the path that Jesus walked and left to our devices we will continue that way to oblivion whether we will it or not. We've somehow gotten the mistaken idea that the Kingdom of God is somehow about health, wealth, and a host of other false gods that we are praying the God of Heaven to make work because we can't see into the unseen realm. Not only have we not seen it, but we have been taught ideas that lead us in the opposite direction. We think that when something in our world goes wrong its because of something we did and that if we pray God's forgiveness our world will be restored to the way it was. It went wrong because it was wrong and it needed to be brought down so that we would look for the world that cannot be shaken and that world is hidden within who We are, not within who we think we are. The point here is that our whole lives are sin because we deny Our very identity, we call God a liar by telling Him who we are rather than accepting who He says We are. And its these false identities that are the root of our sinfulness because we constantly invent and implement ways of making these dead selves feel alive before men including ourselves and fooling theseselves into feeling justified before God based upon adherence to behavioral ideals. In effect we make the ideals into gods and the amount that they can be lived up to is the measure of one's devotion to the God of creation, but upon examination these efforts only serve to keep one distracted from the fundamental insecurity of the animal human existence. There is no real triumph because in the end the strength fails and the man is laid to rest. What's the point, then?
Let's look from another viewpoint and reexamine this man of sin.
The man of sin is doomed to sin because he is cut off from the source of life that is within the Man God has planted in each and every human that has or ever will live. He is always going to fail in his efforts to get back to God because he can only get there through the Son of which his True Self is one. The man of sin must see God in the Son and die an eternal death. The saying "Death is swallowed up in life" is fulfilled. What then? The new birth I say.
After the man of sin dies and rebirth by the Spirit occurs the whole course of the natural person must be reined in, but the devices of the old man are not those of the new. The proud say I can do it. The humble says it is working in me. No flesh shall glory in the presence of the Lord.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"You are the Majority"
Jesus was in a boat with his followers, the most spiritual men on the planet as far as animal man is concerned. He was asleep because it was appropriate at the time. They all were in the same boat in a literal sense. Makes it easy to draw a comparison between the literal and figurative. So the story goes Jesus is sleeping and a great storm blows in in such a powerful and menacing way that the disciples were terrified. They woke Jesus and he commented on their lack of faith and with a Word calmed the sea. They were all in the same boat and all, but one, believed the worst. Jesus on the other hand was resting calmly getting ready for the next God event and the storm had no effect on him. It was only the terrified disciples that were able to wake him and he, coming directly out of sleep, was able to create an environment of peace. The circumstances of his surroundings, companions, and his own mind were not able to disturb his peace. He was not swayed by animal majority opinion, but established order external by order internal. He connected the eternal to the temporal and brought heaven on earth.
By telling this story I'm not trying to establish a behavior to mimic, but to show that even a tight knit group of highly spiritual Adamic men are ill equipped at best and at worst doomed to suffer the fate of all natural creatures. Yes, they had Jesus and were able to call on him for help, yet without him their strength faded and no more like Him appeared. They had limited successes after He left, but nothing to compare to Him. And they died.
Is this what Jesus brought? A life of limited success followed by death. I am persuaded otherwise and here is my reason. Jesus was cut from another cloth than they were. He was of the eternal and they were of the time and place. Jesus understood who He was and they understood who He was, but they didn't understand who They were. They still saw themselves in terms of the earth identities they walked in and eventually would die in. They looked for a physical return of Jesus and missed the revelation of Christ in Themselves, They being the Image of a Holy God housed in a temple of flesh composed of the soul and body. From birth Jesus thought of himself first in terms of Eternal Identity and then soul and body. All other men have always thought in just the opposite manner with the spiritual as something outside themselves even if they understood the spirit to be inside. With our external being we never know what we look like unless we see our reflection. Just as we have a physical image that is not us we have a spiritual image that is us. Our external image can be altered and distorted by physical means, yet our eternal image is uncorruptable by any means. The image in the mirror can never save us, in fact over time more and more signs of decline become evident while the eternal image when looked upon can only deliver life as is proper for an image of the Eternal One.


Monday, April 16, 2007

You have not because you ask not. You ask and receive not because you ask amiss, that you might consume it upon your lust. It is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. If you abide in me and my Words abide in you, ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.
What are you wishing for?
Another word for wish is hope. I've noticed that when I wish for the right things, I have a confidence that is nothing short of perfect. This confidence could be called faith and this confidence sets me, in portion, to receive the gift of love. All of my children came from wishes, either from my wife or from me. Me knowing my eternal Identity came from a wish.
Holy wished bring holy results.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

When you know who You are you can just be.
The question is asked "What am I here for, what is my purpose for living" . This cannot be the primary question one should ask as it is way too complex and difficult. The primary question to ask is "Who am I" or "Show me who I am so that I can be Me" is a request one can make.
If you have a sense of the nature of Christ than you have a sense of the nature of yourself. The You as seen in the Mind of God is pure and holy, untainted by the works of the mind of flesh. If you have to try to be yourself you're not who you think you are, are you?
You are not who you think you are if your self-image is scarred, tainted, or any other damaged or corrupted image. You cannot create for yourself a better or worse self-image than you have if your self-image is truly that of Yourself.

"Purposeful Change"
I don't need to change nor can I.
My mind can and must change to conform to the Image of Me. My mind is like a wild animal that must be tamed, roped in for the service of the master. Its like a child that needs guidance, direction, and controls so that it can come to maturity intact. It is the slave and I am the master. My mind does my bidding without reservation, hesitation, or complaint because it knows Who I am. It knows no need for fear as I am Love. It gently yields to all of My leadings and is composed through knowledge of My integrity. My mind knows peace because I produce peace in all things regarding time and space. My mind knows joy and righteousness by and through and in the same Me.
I bring power to conform all things to the eternal vision that's seen in and through Me. Into the created universe I bring order, made to order. Every circumstance is an opportunity for the eternal to link up with the temporal.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Time is Money"
Let's talk about money.
We trade it for things we need in this world.
We can trade time for things we need that aren't of this world, things of true value at every level of existence Spirit, soul, and body.
We think of the spiritual as something removed from this world, and because we do, it is. This us is the mind of flesh, the mind separated from the I am Self. The end of that mind is oblivion, for it only exists as long as the chemical machines that support it exist, but we are not such.
We know that to be one is to be One. A person could have loads of money, yet if they spent none of it they'll have nothing to show for it in the way of tangible goods.
Every human is given time to trade for eternal wealth. This can be translated into any form of blessing needful for growth and sustenance. People spend to reduce or relieve stress on substances, relationships, toys, and an innumerable number of things. Time invested in true wealth acquisition, not only relieves stress, but also transforms stressors into strengths. The term breadwinner is used to describe one that through labor provides needed things. Let's look at that in a spiritual life sense, the highest form, laboring to provide for One's own by means of devoting time to acquiring assurance of provision.
A man will work extra hours to gain wealth for whatever he sees fit. He will work with his hands because he knows that's what works. On the spirit level words are spoken that are Spirit and Life, and these words are power to produce wealth. The eternal man is powerful, therefore so are His words. They are spoken with a knowing Who One is and where One comes from. Once One knows Who One is One only need to invest time on behalf of those who are divided within themselves, so they may be One also.
One is the same as Whole, no longer the mind as a separate identity from the True Eternal Self, the Image of the Hidden One. As Our collective Oneness grows, the tide of history is turning, once and for all to bring to fruition the Universal Vision of The Maker. In Oneness we become the vehicle The Maker has designed and destined Us to be. The Maker does not rob us of our identity, but reveals it, to our undeniable benefit.
Inside everyone is an Image of the Makers imagining and this is the Self needed to bring the creation into Order. Peace prevails in this Order as it is the Divine.

Monday, April 09, 2007

"Identity Transplant"
Whether one identity or many, all not of the Father, are false in the sense of not being a clear picture of Oneself. There is an essential You and this is the You that you must find. This essential You will free you from all sense of limitation and need to be validated by any group or individual. After all, is not the essential You validated, empowered, liberated, yes in everyway whole?
How could it be otherwise considering You are an image of the Father of Light, Lord of Creation.
This essentially serves as an identity transplant with the loss of all things resulting from the gaining of Oneself.
With this we understand the meaning of eternal. All things are subject to change including identities based upon flesh and blood. Who you are cannot and must not be one subject to influence and thus subject to modification. Even the body cannot be used as a frame of reference for identity. We are not the product of the biological process known as reproduction, our bodies yes, but we are not our bodies. Our bodies are no more than the clothes we wear. Even the mind cannot be us as it is subject to change. We, as essentially eternal in being, must be above all things in the material universe.
There was a me, a many me, created in the mind of many other many mees and accepted by the many me with many modifications influenced by the many mees.
Nobody knows who they are.
Only One ever knew His true Identity and walked in it. Because of the special circumstances leading to his birth, Jesus the Christ, was never confused about who He was in an eternal sense. God made sure that his caretakers understood His true Identity above all the earth identities based on gender, bloodline, ethnicity, and else all. This Identity was so strong that at twelve years old he was ready to be about His Father's business among the scripturally versed elite. Throughout the Gospel accounts He spoke of what would be the result of His life.
Others would be where He was.
The God in man shining through to them from without would appear to them within. This was assumed to be the Christ Jesus, yet the Christ Jesus appearing to Saul on the road to Damascus did not transform Paul into his essential Self. Paul always stated he was on a path to a place of which he could not see clearly the destination.
Jesus said "I am the light of the world" and in addition he said "You are the light of the world". By this He is essentially saying we are what He is. There must be some flaw in the way we see ourselves.
We see ourselves with the point of view based upon flesh even as "the Redeemed".
Its always the natural self being modified to reflect a distorted image of the eternal as seen from the mind of flesh. We are the old wineskin, the worn garments referred to in parable. These dead identites we hold are destined to sink into the the abyss of all things outside God. There is no hope for these falsities, only in the Identity that God has given us from the beginning and for all time. The eternal We are just that. All that God is are We also. Is this not Love, that We live in this world knowing Who We are as a part of the eternal One, full of Grace and Truth?

Friday, April 06, 2007

"Quest for Meaning"
Do you wonder why you're here? How about who you are? Both of these questions come from the same place. That of the flesh mind.
Traditional religious teaching will offer such answers to the first question as "You are here to serve God" or "To learn some lessons" and the opinions go on and on. To the second question answers like "A child of God" and "A sinner saved by grace" barely scratch the surface of the many suggested reasons. All are reasonings based upon flesh life.
Let me pose some questions that may help in your quest for meaning.
1) Are you a product of your parents?
2) Can you die?
3) Can you sin?
If you answer yes to any of the questions then the answer has to be yes to all of the questions because all are based upon flesh identity. It is of utmost importance to establish within your own mind whether you are eternal or a product of flesh.
If flesh then forget about heaven and try to make yourself as comfortable as possible while awaiting death because the grave is the only destination of flesh, whether you think you are good or bad. Jesus said all outside of God is evil and if you are mind and body you are evil no matter how hard you try to make yourself otherwise In the flesh dwells no good thing.
On the other hand if you are eternal then the answer to all of the questions posed must be no. Your flesh mind will want to answer yes to all of the questions, but all are false given the perspective that we all have existed in the mind of God for all time and its impossible for God to have anything but good in mind.
If this is so why do we see things in the manner that we do, distorted. Its because the we that we think we are is not us at all. Our minds have never seen the real us so we as these minds wander in darkness weeping, wailing, and knashing our teeth until we catch a glimpse of Christ. At that glimpse hope is kindled.
Still, we don't know what to do with that hope so we begin to study the historical records about Jesus, his people, and all the earth events surrounding and subsuquent to his life.
We study his words and his actions and the effect they have had and do have on the history of nations and individuals. We use every faculty of the human mind to try and put our finger on just what it is about Him that will help us out of our earthly dilemma.
Some will organize these ideas into frameworks that justify and condemn based upon adherence to or deviation from them. Some will die or even kill for these beliefs.
Still, none produce another like Him.
Is it our fate to remain in this state of struggle with our flesh which has never, in the long run, proven to be other than a losing battle for anyone except Jesus? If God loves us so much as to send Jesus why did he not with Him show us the way to total success in this world rather than condemn us to a living hell with the prospect of heaven using it as a carrot dangled in front of us to get us to behave.
There must be something about Jesus that we're missing the point on because we know He provided the solution to man's dilemma.
Since we've beat the horse of his life to death and it still hasn't fixed the problem then maybe we should examine His life, the eternal one. Jesus has an Identity that is eternal given Him by God and that is the primary perspective He always lived by in this world. In this Identity He overcame all temptations and even the horrendous torture and death He suffered were not able to keep His body in the grave for over three days.
What if the whole thing was as simple as receiving, as a gift, a vision of your eternal Identity from the only One who knows who You really are.
We're taught to ask for all kinds of things from the Giver of all good things, yet we hesitate the most to ask for the things that are the most important.
We never have been able to save ourselves and we never will be. The selves that we know cannot be sure of motive or anything else because the flesh self is corrupt if in nothing else than the fact that it sees itself as separate from the perfect Image that the Maker sees.
Do you want to see the You that God sees?